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What should I do at the front desk when checking out of a hotel?

What to do at the front desk at check out

When standing at the front desk of a hotel at check out:
Be sure to watch or have another member of your party watch your luggage.
Make sure all your items have been removed from the hotel's safe.
Make sure you turn in your room keys.
Be sure to go over your bill thoroughly and verify that all the charges are correct and discounts are applied before you sign your bill.
Make sure all charges are being placed on the correct credit card.
Be sure your frequent flyer and loyalty club programs are being properly credited.
Make sure you get a receipt. If paying in cash, make sure your receipt is marked "paid in cash".
Be sure to tip the bellboys if they have brought down your luggage, the concierge if you took advantage of their services and the shuttle driver if you use the shuttle back to the airport or elsewhere.

What should I do if they don´t have a hotel room when I check-in?

What to do if they don't have a hotel room

Heres what to do if your told they don't have a hotel room when you check-in to a hotel:
Ask to deal with management. General staff may not be as concerned with your satisfaction.
Ask if they have any rooms at all not just the particular type of room you originally requested. If they have more expensive rooms or suites available, ask to be upgraded for the same price.
If the hotel has other locations in town, ask if any of the other locations have rooms available.
Ask them to call around to check to see if they can find you a room at one of their competitors. If the price is higher ask that the Hotel pay the difference.
If no rooms are available in town, call the Hotel's reservation center and find out if any of their Hotels in nearby cities have any rooms. If you don't have a car, ask if they can shuttle you to that location.
If all else fails, ask if they will have any rooms available for you tomorrow.
If you had a confirmed reservation and they don't have a room, ask to be compensated.
Keep receipts of all costs incurred because of their failure to have your room available.
File a complaint with customer service or through the appropriate channel.

What should I present at the front desk of a hotel at check-in?

What to present to the front desk at checkin

Although hotels vary, the following is a general list of what you need to present to the front desk at check-in:
Present your confirmation number and rate information.
Some Hotels require a picture I.D. to check in.
Present the credit card you will be using to pay for the room.
Many Hotels require the plate numbers of the cars that will be parked in the Hotel's parking lot, so jot down and present your car's license plate number.
Present any coupons, memberships or associations that provide you a discount.
Present any frequent flyer or loyalty membership programs you need credited.

What should I do if I can´t check out of a hotel on time?

What to do if you can't check out on time?

If you can't make it out by checkout time, see if they have a grace period or other options available to you. Ask for late check out if you need it and it's available. The earlier you request late checkout the better chance you'll be able to arrange it. You should also be aware that there may be a charge involved for this service.

What else might I need to pick up when checking into a hotel?

What else should I ask for at check-in

Ask if they have any cards with the name and address of the hotel. These cards can be very helpful in getting you back to your hotel if you are unfamiliar with the local area or language. They can also give you something to provide your children so they can find their way back, in case they get lost.

What should I do when leaving your hotel room before checking out?

What to do before you leave your room before checking out

Before leaving your hotel room and checking out:
Search your room completely for anything you might otherwise leave behind. Once your gone, anything left behind will probably be lost forever.
Be sure to open all the drawers.
Check to make sure that your bathrobe or any other item is not hiding behind the bathroom door or in a closet.
Make sure your shoes or anything else is not hiding under your bed.
Check the balcony for the swimsuits and other items you left out there to dry.
Unroll the sheets and comforters and look for anything you make have overlooked.

What should I verify when I check-in to a hotel?

What to verify at check-in

It is good to verify the following when checking into a hotel:
Verify that your room's rate is the same as your reserved rate information.
Verify that any extra charges for fees or services that can be placed on your bill.
Verify that all discounts and loyalty program credits will be applied to your bill.
Verify that all special requests you made when you reserved the room have been honored.
Verify the hotel's scheduled times for services such as meals, cocktails, shuttles, pool hours, room service and front desk assistance. Ask if any of these services are complimentary and check to see if you need to be issued any coupons or vouchers to use these services.
Verify or confirm checkout time.

Can I possibly get a better deal when I check-in to a hotel?

Ask for a better deal

Yes, after finding out what the Hotel has available, ask about any upgrade specials. Just as a Hotel can sell out of certain rooms, they can also have too many of a certain kind around. This may mean big savings for you, that luxury suite that was so much more to reserve could now be available for a few dollars more.

What can I do to help avoid surprises when I check-out of a hotel?

Avoiding surprises at check-out

To avoid surpises when checking out of a hotel, ask the following at check-in:
MAke sure you know the check out time to avoid additional charges.
Ask if late check-out is available and request it if you think you might need it.
Confirm or verify all the hotel's charges and share this information with everyone in your party including:
Local surcharges and taxes.
Local and long distance calling.
Room service and minibar, remember convenience has a price.
In room movies.

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