What to do if they don't have a hotel room

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What should I do if they don´t have a hotel room when I check-in?

What to do if they don't have a hotel room

Heres what to do if your told they don't have a hotel room when you check-in to a hotel:
Ask to deal with management. General staff may not be as concerned with your satisfaction.
Ask if they have any rooms at all not just the particular type of room you originally requested. If they have more expensive rooms or suites available, ask to be upgraded for the same price.
If the hotel has other locations in town, ask if any of the other locations have rooms available.
Ask them to call around to check to see if they can find you a room at one of their competitors. If the price is higher ask that the Hotel pay the difference.
If no rooms are available in town, call the Hotel's reservation center and find out if any of their Hotels in nearby cities have any rooms. If you don't have a car, ask if they can shuttle you to that location.
If all else fails, ask if they will have any rooms available for you tomorrow.
If you had a confirmed reservation and they don't have a room, ask to be compensated.
Keep receipts of all costs incurred because of their failure to have your room available.
File a complaint with customer service or through the appropriate channel.



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