What to verify at check-in

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What should I verify when I check-in to a hotel?

What to verify at check-in

It is good to verify the following when checking into a hotel:
Verify that your room's rate is the same as your reserved rate information.
Verify that any extra charges for fees or services that can be placed on your bill.
Verify that all discounts and loyalty program credits will be applied to your bill.
Verify that all special requests you made when you reserved the room have been honored.
Verify the hotel's scheduled times for services such as meals, cocktails, shuttles, pool hours, room service and front desk assistance. Ask if any of these services are complimentary and check to see if you need to be issued any coupons or vouchers to use these services.
Verify or confirm checkout time.



11/23/2008 3:19:01 PM
Sam said:

Tip from a front desk worker: requests are not guaranteed. Best option is to call the hotel early that day and see if they can honor your request. It's first come, first served.


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