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What is safe behavior at hotel check in?

Checking in- Security

If, at check in, the desk attendant speaks your room number within earshot of any stranger, request a different room, and ask that the room be written out or pointed out so that your location remains private.

What are some safety tips against unmanted visitors at my hotel?

Safety- Knock on the Door

Unless you are expecting a visitor, called for room service, or called for housekeeping to deliver something, do not open the door to your room without verifying identity. It's very easy for a criminal to enter most hotels, take an elevator to a random floor, then knock and be admitted. Then what are you going to do? If someone says they're maintenance, call the desk to see if they sent someone up. Put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your door when you leave the room; this will dissuade most people from trying to enter illicitly. They usually want your things, not you.

What additional steps can I take to protect myself in a hotel?

Portable alarm systems

If you travel often, consider buying a portable alarm system to hang on the doorknob for added protection. These movement-sensitive devices can awaken you if a door lock should happen to fail.

How can I avoid tripping over something in a strange hotel room?

Hotel safety

Pack a tiny flashlight in your suitcase, then place it on the bedside table. In the event of an emergency, being confused waking up in a strange dark room can cost you valuable escape time.

How should I store my valubles?

Use Hotel Safes

Use the safe provided in the room to store keys, wallets, extra cash and credit cards, jewelry, and other small valuable items you are leaving in the room. If no safe is supplied, check with the front desk. They may have locked storage available for your use.

What should do with large expensive or breakable objects at a hotel?

Dealing with large expensive or breakable items

Store larger expensive or breakable objects in the closet and out of the way of the cleaning crew. Leave them at home if possible.

How should I protect my cash and other valuables?

Keep valuables out of sight

Don't leave cash, travelers checks and expensive electronics and jewelry lying around the room.

How should I protect myself in my hotel room?

Keep doors locked.

Keep the door to your room locked at all times. If you are inside the room, turn the deadbolt and fasten the security chain. Also check that all windows are closed and locked when not opened to let air in.

How should I deal with strangers while staying at a hotel?

Dealing with strangers

Do not open your door to strangers. Use the security viewport to see who is outside your door. Do not trust someone claiming to be a hotel employee if you are not expecting one. If you are unsure, call the front desk to check. Leave the security chain engaged while opening the door for further protection.

What strategy can I use to be fire-safe in a hotel?

Hotel Safety-Fire

Try to get a room on floors 2-7, this will keep you safe from most outside break-ins, and is within reach of fire ladders. Always feel the inside of your door to determine whether it is hot before opening it. If it is hot, do not open it! Wet towels and stuff them around the door to help keep smoke out. If the building outside your window is clear of flames, open or break the window and signal someone outside to your presence,

What should I do as I leave my hotel room?

Leaving Your Room

Each time you prepare to leave, check all windows and doors in your room to make sure they are closed and locked and then check to make sure your door is not hot before opening. If the door is hot there probably is a fire on the other side. Pull the alarm and call the operator or front desk to report it. Wait for instructions. Relax as much as possible. Panic can be your biggest enemy during emergencies. If the door is not hot simply pull the door completely closed behind you as you leave. Make sure the latch has engaged. Take a moment before you leave to try the door and make sure it is closed and locked.

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