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How can I save money when traveling?

Types of discount to ask for...

Almost all major companies (air/hotel/car) have price levels that recognize special groups of patrons. If you qualify as a member of any of these categories, mention them when getting pricing:
AARP, senior rates, AAA, frequent guest memberships at hotels, corporate rates with or without corporate numbers, military rates, at hotels- packages that may include breakfast, professional affiliations like the American Bar Association (be prepared to show ID), etc.

How can I enjoy a 5-star restaurant, affordably?

Restaurants-Saving money

Generally speaking, lunches are less expensive than dinners, so if you want to treat yourself to a deluxe restaurant experience - go to that 5 star restaurant for lunch. Quality should be equal, but you can expect about a 20% savings over dinner. Also you should try to locate coupons for any 5 star restaurant by doing a internet search.

What´s a free souvenir?

Cheap sophistication

Grab all the free matches from cool places, hotels and restaurants. Spread them casually around your home- in ashtrays or near candles. Don't feel guilty - you're advertising.

How can some travel companies advertise vacations so low?

Beware the Advertisement

Travel advertisements are inspiring - that's the idea..make you call. But, make sure you know what you're or cruises are usually per person based on two people in a room or cabin. Hotels are usually promoted as single occupancy, for one night. Airline tickets are usually promoted as per seat, but may be advertised "each way" yet require a roundtrip purchase. Taxes are almost always "extra", as are surcharges and other fees not spelled out. A package doesn't include air unless it is specifically noted.

What´s a good way to enjoy an impromtu lunch while traveling?

Quick cheap lunch!

Go to the food market grab a baguette some deli meat and some fruit. Spread a blanket somewhere in the middle of a city park and people watch while having a great lunch. This lunch should only cost you about $5 and it`s a chance to see the locals bustle about.

(Reminder- beware of salads or other street food - potential health hazards.) Bon Appetit!

How can I save on National Parks admissions?

National Parks Pass

The National Parks Service is offering a new $50 National Parks Pass that allows one year's worth of admission to any national park (US) that charges an admission fee. Visitors are generally charged either by the car or the passengers; with the Pass one private, non-commercial vehicle will be allowed entry...if the Park normally charges by the person, it will cover the purchaser, spouse, children and parents. It is designed to make park-going more affordable for those who make frequent visits or plan extended stays. Just a few of the more popular park participating are: Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion, the Grand Canyon, Mt Haleakula and Volcanoes National Park, Denali-Mt McKinley, the Everglades, Grand Tetons, Bryce Canyon, many battlefields, and many more. Buy a pass at National Parks, or by calling 888-GO-PARKS. Seniors (62 and older) can get a discount, but must purchase in person so identification can be verified.

How can I save money in my hometown?

Hotel, restaurant and attraction savings

If you live in or travel to any major city, purchase an "Entertainment" or Coupon book- they offer percent and flat money off of all kinds of restaurants, hotels, car rentals, movie theatres, doughnut shops, and sightseeing and tour companies. Very large cities have publications that break down by geographic or suburban areas. Also do an internet search on an Search Engine like Google for coupons, free coupons, etc. for any major city.

What are some ideas for cheap souvenirs?

Cheap souvenirs

No matter how budget or extravagant your trip is going to be, you'll be heading for the Poorhouse if you purchase souvenirs for everyone you know. T-shirts get worn out, grown out of, and aren't cheap. Breakables..well, break! Carved coconuts or indigenous decorative crafts are a matter of taste. After swooning at credit card bills "after", I've learned to share the following with appreciative friends: foreign coins, currency, or stamps (great for kids), local candies, small destination-oriented Christmas tree trinkets that won't break, or magnets. (The coins I've collected through the years afforded me hours of entertainment with nieces.."how many kings/ships/birds/different kinds of animals..pictured..." )

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