What information to have to reserve a room

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What information will I need to make a hotel reservation?

What information to have to reserve a room

You will need the following information to make a hotel reservation:
The name of the person or persons who will be staying at the hotel.
The number of guests staying in the room.
The credit card type, number and expiration date.
The name and location of the hotel that you want to reserve a room at.
The date and time you'll be checking in and checking out.
The type of room and number and size of beds you want to reserve, such as standard, business, suite, etc.
Any special requests, such as smoking/nonsmoking, spa appointments, childproofing or room location.
The name of any discounts or coupons that you are planning to apply to the stay.
Some hotels like to have your flight information in case they keep track of delayed flights.
If reserving more than one room, make sure they give you a confirmation number for each room you reserve. If you will have separate confirmation numbers for each room, it will be clear that you will need more than one room.



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