Tipping hotel staff

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How much should I tip hotel staff?

Tipping hotel staff

Tipping hotel staff is a way to reward good service. There is no way to say what is appropriate across the board. You should tip at your own discretion, and only if you feel it is warranted. Here are some general guidelines:
Valet: $1-$2 each time he gets the car (more in bad weather)
Shuttle Driver: $2
Doorman: $1-2 for hailing a cab
Bellman: A tip of $1-$2 a bag if he brings your bags up to your room and again if he carries them back down
Room Service: 15% of the bill or at least $2 (unless gratuity is included)
Housekeeping: $1-$5/night (depending how good they are)
Coatcheck: $1-$2
Concierge: The concierge at a hotel is your go-to person. If you need any kind of arrangements made during your stay, they can often make you dinner reservations, get you theater tickets and in general attend to you for anything you may need. It is a good idea to tip the concierge the first time you request special attention, anywhere from $2-$20 depending on the service provided and the services you anticipate needing.



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