Finding a hotel's location

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How can I find the location of a hotel?

Finding a hotel's location

AAssuming you don't have a GPS unit in your car, don't have personal experience going to a particular hotel or aren't being driven by someone like a cab driver who knows where the hotel is located, maps, directions or reference books are valid methods for finding a hotel's location. Books like AAA TourBooks provide a great way to find the location of a hotel. Calling the hotel directly and asking can also be useful. Most internet hotel reservation systems now have hotel maps included with hotel descriptions. Click here for an example of an internet reservation system. Type in a city like New Orleans as the destination city and using the default dates & room information (or anything you desire if making a real hotel search) and click on "Search". You will go a page of available hotels. (Note: there is a search box that says "Show Hotels Near Landmark" within about 5 inches of the top of the web page, clicking on down arrow on the search box and going to French Quarter (for New Orleans) takes you to a page which shows the hotels in or near the French Quarter). To the far right of each hotel name is the underlined words map and info. Clicking on map will get you a map that you can zoom in and out of showing the location of the hotel. Using a web sites like and entering a hotel's address is also a great to get a map of a hotel's location.



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