Hidden Cities - Beat The Airlines

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How can I save money when airfares are so high in my market?

Hidden Cities - Beat The Airlines

One of the best ways to beat the airlines and their fares is to have a handle on geography. In an area with one major air carrier, you may have such little competition that "deals" are nonexistent. The way to save money is to be creative. Smaller airports and small airlines in a market have to fight for revenue. They can only do this by volume, since a higher fare will blow off any passengers. If you can drive an hour or so, you can sometimes cut a ticket in half. Examples: want New Orleans? Check Baton Rouge, too. Want Detroit? Check Windsor, Toledo and Lansing. Want New York City? Check MacArthur on Long Island. Boston?-Providence. DC?-Baltimore. Los Angeles?- Orange County, Long Beach, Ontario and Burbank..throw in San Diego for good measure. Phoenix too expensive? Tucson or Flagstaff. There are dozens of examples- ask a good travel agent to help.



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