Contacting a hotel's customer service department

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What should I do when I contact a hotel´s customer service department?

Contacting a hotel's customer service department

When contacting a hotel's customer service department:
Make sure to write soon after the incident, while the information is fresh and you are still within any time limits.
Be sure to include as much specific information as possible when describing the problem including:
The location, date and time of the incident.
Your full name, reservation or confirmation number.
Include copies of any relevant paperwork (Keep the originals).
The name, title, employee number or physical description of those you dealt with if you have them.
Include a description of the actions taken by those involved.
Question the customer service department about your treatment, if you think you were not treated according to proper company policies or feel those policies don't provide for proper customer service.
Include any effects this problem has on your past and future impressions of the company. Don't make any baseless threats. They may write you off and leave you unsatisfied.
If you can think of any satisfactory solutions to your problem, suggest it to the customer service department to give them a chance to win back your business.
Se sure to include your name, address and a telephone number where they can reach you with their response.



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