Dealing with a hotel problem

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How should I handle a problem with a hotel?

Dealing with a hotel problem

What to do to handle a problem with a hotel:
First speak with the front desk, explain the problem and ask for it to be fixed.
Suggest any possible satisfactory solutions to the problem with whomever is working with you.
Allow a reasonable response time taking into account the nature of the problem.
Don't play "big shot" unless you are one. Computers do a great job keeping track of customers and they may have your information right in front of them. If you try acting like a "big shot" and your not, they might just think you are trying to get something for nothing and doubt your whole story. You have a right to demand good service.
Be sure to remain calm and keep it business like. Making a personal attack against the person who is trying to help you won't help in fact it will probably hurt. Acting calmly and professionally will bring you better results than unleashing your anger.
If the person whom you are dealing with isn't being helpful, ask to see a supervisor or manager.
Calmly explain the problem to the supervisor and allow them time to fix the problem.
If your still unhappy after going through the local chain of command, contact the hotel's customer service department.



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