Hotel policies and extra charges

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How can Hotel policies and extra charges affect cost?

Hotel policies and extra charges

You should find out what a hotel policies and extra charges are before booking a hotel reservation. Is there a charge for having more than 1 or more persons in a room? What is the cancellation policy? Some hotels charge extra for 2, 3 or more individuals in a room. Some discount hotels allow children below a certain age to stay in their parents. Are they extra charges for things like cots, extra linen or towels? Some discount hotels allow cancellations without charges up to 6 PM the day of arrival while others charge for 1 night stay if you cancel a hotel reservation within 7 days of arrival. Knowing a hotel's policies and extra charges can help in the hotel selection process and avoid unpleasant surprises. Sometimes hotel deals aren't quite as great as they initially seem and some discount hotels aren't as discounted as you might.



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